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Ludacris Common Mix Master Mike Keri Hilson To Celebrate Black History Month Live At Hip Hop 101 Mus

With a star formation of the Grammy winning artists at a time, 101 Hip Hop Music Arts Festival ( will celebrate Black History Month, with Ludacri, municipality, and turntableist Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys on Saturday February 21. Los Angeles Sports Arena starting at 6:30 PM.Also including the draft law are the singer R B and songwriter Keri Hilson and Grammy-nominated alternative Afro-Punk singer Janelle Mona..
15.1.09 18:32

Jennifer Lopez Amp Marc Anthony Physical Fights

The state of war in their home!. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony marriage continues to be dragged through the mud. This time, to cover the last of May Star.The supports couples are always clashes physical shouting, pushing, shoving and throwing things. They throw things and scream and just go bananas. They love difficult and hard struggle and, at times, which led to pushing and shoving, an insider reveals.
15.1.09 18:32

Jensen Ackles Updates Us On The Fate Of Supernatural

Unfortunately, he can not be knows more than you, I don t know. At this moment in time, the show, which revolves around spooking hunting brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, is experiencing a major peak of the vote and that is proving to be more popular than ever. Eric Kripke keeps me in the dark. . Not so what we are going to shoot until you shoot. Thus, at the end of this season is more of a surprise for me is like for you. She tells me. We recently met with Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackle, to discover what we can expect to see during the second half of season four. I m never sure what is going to happen. The coup Supernatural series returns this Thursday with a new episode titled Family Remains.
15.1.09 18:32

Pittsfield Native Elizabeth Banks Will Lend A Helping Hand

Ruberto was not t surprised that Pittsfield has won the creative community category, beating 68 other cities and countries, when the Council announced the winners of last month. Ruberto one of six Commonwealth Awards 2009 is distributed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council at a ceremony at the Statehouse. This award is given to the whole community and volunteers who have advanced the arts in Pittsfield, Ruberto said on Monday. Banks formally presented to Mayor James M. PITTSFIELD Actress and Pittsfield native Elizabeth Bank will be in Boston today to help honor his hometown, as a major cultural communities in the Bay State.
15.1.09 18:32

Lakers Quot Fisher Ramps Up Training Regimen

He played more than 40 minutes in six of these 11 games. This season, that more important than ever. Laker The couple lost point guard Jordan Farmar to a knee injury Dec. 19th in 12 games since, Fisher had to play almost 11 minutes more per game. We know that the pace sending more than 34 years, the players to the injured list and force the front office to seek outside help..
15.1.09 18:32


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